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Where Are We Leading The World Into With The Social Networking?

There is a huge confusion about the topic that whether social networks are a boon or a devil’s trap. It’s a devil’s trap in disguise that looks like a innovative innocent boon. There are several things that would change the world and make a better place. But the development of the technology and it’s effects are seem to be good but it is not! It is hugely affecting people and making several mutations.

The risk of environmental hazards are increasing significantly as the days pass. It may be considered as a result of the human activities done in the name of evolutionary growth. We had lost a huge amount of animals and plants because of this technology. We are sending rockets to out of the world into the sky. But there are several waste parts that disassemble before it reached the outer surface of the earth. These parts fall back into earth causing huge radiations and destroying living thing on their way.

Apart from this, the technological development had given birth to several social networking like omegle webcam, what’s app, tinder, meet me and several other chat sites have always influenced the meeting of strangers and date them and get to know them. But, this is getting ahead of how we can help people. Predators who prey on women use this as a medium to find woman or worst the paedophiles use this to invite kids and abuse them sexually!

There are several alternative to omegle, and other similar sites. People could start using the old method of communicating. It is because of these chat sites that people do not communicate to other people. People are getting suck into a place from where there is no return and they are losing it. People are developing several psychological and physiological distressing situations because of these mobile phones and social sites. People are getting body shamed and it is affecting their views about themselves. Thus it would in turn lead to formation of psychopaths under worse situations under stress and other bad things.

Moreover it is high time before people start changing their views on themselves and others. Social sites is for like minds together on something useful. Dating apps and or app are just misused, because most of the sexual predators are making good use of it than anyone. It is important to make sure that the people are not misused and misled in these apps and the security should be made stronger and cyber crimes should be manifested and punished.